How can Silicon Valley make stuff-sharing work? Our panel brought out amazing insights from the worlds of tech, policy, and bricks-and-mortar business at the June Collaborative Chats. Check out the video of our full conversation. 

Prefer to read about it? You can pore through Shareable’s great recap of the event here.

Special thanks to Alexandra Liss, filmmaker of the upcoming documentary “One Couch at a Time”.

Join us at PeopleBrowsr: "Stuff-Sharing: Where's the Traction?"

Stuff-Sharing: Where's the Traction?

Despite the conceptual appeal of sharing underutiized personal items, online marketplaces for peer-to-peer goods-sharing have struggled to gain traction. Can tech startups find ways to reduce risk and friction in these markets enough to make peer-to-peer goods-sharing work? Can Silicon Valley offer traditional rental companies a path into the age of internet commerce?

Join us at PeopleBrowsr to explore the challenges and opportunities facing P2P and B2C goods-sharing with a panel including:

  • Tim Hyer, Founder and CEO, Getable
  • Micki Krimmel, Founder and CEO, NeighborGoods
  • Kip Harkness, Assistant City Manager, City of San Jose
  • Chris Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, NorCal Rental Group

Click here to reserve your tickets. 

Let this video roll and see what our great panel and participants had to say about Generation Y and the sharing economy at last week’s Collaborative Chats. Congratulations to Shareable on a great launch for Share or Die

You can also check out Shareable’s recap of the event here.

Special thanks to Alexandra Liss, filmmaker of the upcoming documentary “One Couch at a Time”.

Join us at Airbnb: "The Share or Die Generation: Millenials and the New Collaborative Economy" - 5/24/12

Speaker Photos

How will the unique character of Generation Y shape the growth of the sharing economy and build a sustainable post-recession society?

Register here to join us at Airbnb HQ for a special edition of Collaborative Chats celebrating the launch of a new book from Shareable Magazine - Share or Die: Voices of the Get Lost Generation in the Age of Crisis. We’ll tackle this topic with a panel including: 

Don’t miss our “Sharing Confessions” booth, where you’ll have a chance to chat on-camera with documentary filmmaker Alexandra Liss about your personal experiences and views on sharing!

If you can’t make it, you can still pick up a print copy of Share or Die on Amazon here

Watch the action from a packed Collaborative Chats event at Zimride HQ, “Collaborative Consumption and the Future of Mobility.” The panelists and audience generated a fascinating dialogue on the changing face of transportation.

Special thanks to Alexandra Liss, sharing evangelist and filmmaker of “One Couch at a Time.”


Zimride hosted the latest edition of Collaborative Chats at their SoMa HQ on April 19, featuring a great discussion with (L to R) series director Emily Castor, transportation planner Will Baumgardner of ARUP, John Zimmer of Zimride, Avery Lewis of Getaround, and Tim Papandreou of the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency.

Check out Shareable’s full recap of the event here.

Photos by Rina Horiuchi.

Join us at Zimride: "Collaborative Consumption and the Future of Mobility" - 4/19/2012

Collaborative Consumption and the Future of Mobility

Register now for the next in our sold-out series of cross-disciplinary conversations on the sharing economy. We’ll tackle the topic of collaborative consumption in transportation with a stellar panel of sustainable mobility thinkers at Zimride HQ:

John Zimmer, Co-Founder and COO, Zimride
Avery Lewis, Head of Product, Getaround
Timothy Papandreou, Deputy Director, Sustainable Streets Planning, SFMTA
William Baumgardner, Associate Principal, Transportation Planning, ARUP

Reception with light food and drink begins at 7:00 PM, followed by moderated panel discussion and participant Q&A. 

Watch the action from last week’s packed Collaborative Chats event at Airbnb HQ, “Sharing Technology and Hyperlocal Economies.” The panelists and audience generated a fascinating dialogue on the economic impacts of collaborative consumption.

Special thanks to Alexandra Liss, sharing evangelist and filmmaker of “One Couch at a Time.” 

Collaborative Chats: "Sharing Technology and Hyperlocal Economies" - 3/21/2012

Sharing Technology and Hyperlocal Economies

On the heels of last month’s inspiring launch, Collaborative Chats will be back for our second monthly event on Wednesday, March 21 at Airbnb’s swingin’ SoMa HQ. 

The topic: economic impact. The economic effects of new online collaborative consumption marketplaces are uncharted. Sharing of idle assets redirects consumer spending on goods and services from traditional providers to individual microentrepreneurs and small businesses in local communities. As participation in collaborative marketplaces grows, what will the impacts be within urban economies? What is collaborative consumption’s potential as an economic development tool, and how may such effects vary in different geographic areas and across industries?


Lauren Anderson, Innovation Director, Collaborative Labs
Egon Terplan, Regional Planning Director, SPUR
Molly Turner, Director of Public Policy, Airbnb

NOTE: The event is now sold out (thanks everyone!), but watch this space for full video after the fact and join in the continuing conversation.

Great conversations on the sharing economy happened both onstage and off at the Collaborative Chats launch, held February 22 at the Hub SoMa.

Photos courtesy of Matt McDonald 

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